Console Workflow with Modular Control

Modula is a touchscreen – friendly virtual mixer with world-class analog sound and ultimate in-the-box-workflow

Modula Monitor

Channel-strip system keeps your mix controls accessible at all times.

Instead of diving into menus or juggling dozens of GUIs, Modula allows you to control multiple tracks in your D.A.W. from a single, customizable rack.

Channel Strips

A true sofware modular studio console

Macbook Top

Use it anywhere

It doesn’t matter if you are in the studio, at home, on a tour bus or on a train. You can use Modula anytime and anywhere. You do not need any dongles, extra monitors, bulky hardware controller or DSP accelerators.

Make mix adjustments without juggling plugin windows

With every strip offering a choice of preamp, EQ and dynamics emulation, you can enjoy both a convincingly analog sound and a speedy, intuitive workflow.

Taupe Console
Touch Friendly


Use Modula with a mouse or use it with as many touch-screen monitors as your computer allows to build an impressive rig.

Modula Lite

Modula Lite


Already own Modula compatible plugins from Acustica Audio? Modula Lite provides you with a game-changing rack system to revolutionize the way you mix.

Modula Bundle

Modula Bundle


Modula Bundle includes the rack system as well as 4 channel strips to enable you to mix right from the start. These embody some of the world’s most coveted gear from studios around the world.

Explore Modula Compatible Chanel Strips.

Modula is not like other touch screen or daw controllers

Unlike other products on the market, which are mainly touch-screen based controllers, workstations or programs requirring complex audio routing, Modula recreates the closest experience possible to mixing on a real analog desk, keeping the fun of it and removing all the hassle – and cost – of a physical recording studio setup.

It lets you easily organize and visualize your Acustica plugins as channel strips (skins) in a single ‘hub applicattion’ that seamlessly integrates with majoy DAWs like Pro Tools®, Login Pro®, Ableton Live™, Presonus Studio One™ and many others, both on Mac and PC.

All you have to do is insert the Modula plugin on the tracks of your DAW and you will see the relative channel strip appear inside the Modula frame window. Easy as that.


Run it locally or via server

(This feature is currently under development)


Modula can run both locally – on your main computer or laptop – or via a dedicated server computer that you can freely customize to meet your processing power needs. This means that you can easily mix very large projects without running into CPU issues. Modula literally grows with your needs and is equally a home in a professional recording studio setup as well as a home music studio setup.

Seamlessly integrate Modula into complex Dante™-based audio networks for use in multimedia studios and broadcast facilities.

An Expanding Ecosystem

We know you like to have options, so we made Modula fully expandable.  We’ll be releasing new expansions from Acustica Audio as they are developed.

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