About Us

Quantica Audio are Acustica Audio and Studio DMI. After collaborating on some of the industry’s most appreciated audio plug-ins for mixing and mastering the two teams united to bring you the ultimate in cutting-edge audio technology.

Who We Are

Acustica Audio develops professional audio plug-ins based on the revolutionary VVK Technology, which samples and recreates analog studio gear in the digital domain. From equalisers to compressors, FX and full channel strips derived from the world’s most praised studio consoles, their plug-ins are now used by the industry’s top mixing and audio production engineers .

Studio DMI is a high-end mixing and mastering Studio led by 3x Grammy® Nominated Engineer Luca Pretolesi. The studio is home to some of the world’s best music producers &  music production engineers.  The deeply artistic vision it embodies is essential to Quantica’s philosophy.

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