How to run Modula

Read these instructions to get Modula up and running easily.

Modula Monitor


If you have purchased Modula on the Quantica web store, please follow these steps in order to activate and install it.


If you want to try and evaluate Modula, you will need to download Aquarius , our installation manager, which can be downloaded for free here*:

When you first open Aquarius, you will be presented with a splash screen.

If you already have an Aquarius account, just log in using your Acustica Audio username email and password.

If you do not have an account yet, just choose an email, a password and flag the ‘Create new account’ option.

If you are running Windows, please watch this video.

If you are on a Mac, please watch this video.

If you are on Mac running Catalina, please watch this video.

Important: once you are done mixing, save your session in your DAW/NLE and remember to always close your sequencer first and then the Modula application. For more details please refer to the Modula user manual at this link.

Please refer to the Aquarius user manual for more information about how to install and authorise Acustica Audio plugins.

If you need assistance, suggestions or help please do not hesistate to contact us.

*Various versions of the Aqua Aquarius download are available. Windows users can just go ahead and download the only version provided for that operative system. Mac users should download the macOS Catalina version of Aquarius only if they are running Catalina on their system. For any other macOS version please just download the standard Aquarius version.
** If you are using Pro Tools, choose AAX plug-in format. If you are using Logic Pro X choose the AU plug-in format. For all other DAWs/NLEs please, please refer to your host application’s user guide for more information on how to use plug-ins in general.
*** You will find the Modula application in the following path:
Mac: /Library/Audio/Presets/AcusticaAudio/Nebula4/Client/
Win: C:/Nebula4TempRepository/Client/M4.exe
All sales are final and non refundable once the activation code has been implemented.  We strongly suggest you try Modula before purchasing it to make sure it fits your workflow and expectations.  

Acustica Audio creates some of the best music plugins on the market and we are proud to work with them to continue developing the Modula system. 

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